History of the Institute

The Institute was originally founded as the Department of Bioinformatics of the Medical Faculty (UKG) which was officially started on November 15, 2002 when E. Wingender accepted a chair at the Georg-August-University Göttingen. The initial team physically moved to Göttingen in January 2003. Since then, we have been working on establishing the IT infrastructure required for starting off with our own and granted research projects, for providing campus services, and for our teaching activities.

At the beginning it was very helpful that we were able to utilize some of our previously acquired project equipment, for which we give credit to the German Research Centre for Biotechnology (GBF) in Braunschweig, where the roots of most of our activities are. E. Wingender had been working there since February 1986, building up a genome-oriented bioinformatics group and conducting numerous projects since September 1993.A considerable number of the people of the Department were already working together at the Research Group of Bioinformatics at GBF or at BIOBASE GmbH, a spin-off company founded out of this research group in October 1997.

The former GBF group's achievements comprise, among other things, the TRANSFAC database on transcriptional regulation, its contributions to the MatInspector tool for the identification of potential transcription factor binding sites, the TRANSPATH database on signal transduction, as well as the development of a series of further databases (COMPEL, PathoDB, S/MARt DB, ReAlSplice, TSM) and tools (PatSearch, Saga, S-Comp). All of them have been developed during publicly funded research projects, granted by the German Ministry of Research (BMBF), the European Union (EU), NATO, or VW foundation, and many of them have been transferred to BIOBASE to different degrees for commercial exploitation, which may include further development and/or distribution.

In 2014 the department was transformed to the Institute of Bioinformatics, representing the wider field of research and providing of services for the UMG.

In 2018 Prof.Dr. Edgar Wingender was given emertitus state and Prof.Dr. Tim Beissbarth bacem the new head of the institute. To underline the even closer work with the UMG the institute was renamed to "Institute of medical Bioinformatics"