Bioinformatic Services

At this place, the new service platform of the Institute of Bioinformatics at UMG is going to be built. It is intended to provide tools for a range of computational tasks experimentally working life scientists are routinely faced with.

To begin with, we are going to offer two comprehensive systems, the geneXplain platform and a mirror of the UCSC genome browser (currently not yet fully working):

geneXplain platform

First of all, we grant access to the geneXplain platform. This is a toolbox that provides numerous applications for statistical, bioinformatic and systems biological analyses under a unified look-and-feel. For testing purposes, you may log in as guest (login: "guest", password: "guest" [all without quotes]), but be aware that your data are by no means protected. Each other Guest will see and can access your data and results. To have your reserved computer space, ask us (genexplain[at] for your own account.


Training courses in handling the platform will be offered soon.