The first 10 volumes of the online journal "In Silico Biology" (1998-2010), published by former Bioinformation Systems e.V.

Cytomer is an ontology describing the human anatomy and development and comprises morphological structures from the cell level up to parts of the body. Structures are linked to Carnegie stages and under each other with various relations.

EndoNet is a database that provides information about endocrine networks. more

The Department of Bioinformatics is participating in the Heart Research Center Göttingen (HRCG) more

The main goal of the project is to push ahead the idea of a systems-biological software platform that integrates different high-throughput (‘omics’) data to generate models for certain chronic diseases. A particular focus of the project will be given onto the inclusion of gene regulatory processes into the modeling, which is still largely neglected by present systems biological modeling approaches. more

The aim of the project is to identify molecular markers and pathways in cancer cells and their microenvironment that govern the fate and localization of tumor metastases. more


This project has the ambitious goal to come up with a computational platform, or toolbox, which can be used by medical doctors for making optimal use of high-throughput data for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. more

Many approaches to bioinformatics require a representation of existing biological knowledge that is readable and manageable by computers. Thus ontologies, which can tentatively be defined as systems of categories accounting for a particular domain of knowledge, are becoming indispensable for the development of databases and modeling efforts. more

This project is dedicated to continuous updating of a previous classification of eukaryotic TFs according to their DNA-binding domains. So far, the latest version comprises mammalian orthologs of human TFs. more