These are current projects at the institute:

This project develops the image analysis software for an automated bubble sweat test diagnostics system developed as a partner with the Leal lab at the UCLouvain in Brussels. more

This project develops a generic software platform / toolbox to handle and annotate chemical structure libraries in a way that clinical researchers can organize chemical structures annotating a biological system linking to resources e.g. like paper, target structures. We develop the system with a focus on the life cyle of the CFTR protein, which can cause cystic fibrosis if mutated. But the system can be reused for other targets. more

This project is the follow up project of ExITox - a project aiming at developing an integrated testing strategy (ITS) for the human health risk assessment of repeated dose toxicity after inhalation exposure for the replacement of de novo animal testing. more

The aim of the project is to identify molecular markers and pathways in cancer cells and their microenvironment that govern the fate and localization of tumor metastases. more

This project has the ambitious goal to come up with a computational platform, or toolbox, which can be used by medical doctors for making optimal use of high-throughput data for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. more