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Research foci

In the life science a growing amount of data is produced. Many projects process this data, also on a large scale, and produce remarkable results. What is still missing in some cases is the overall view on the data. Are the data from two projects comparable and generated following the same protocol? What are the biological entities represented by the data?

We work in different projects to make data available to the community. This involves to define data formats, implement processing and deployment pipelines. We also  work with the methods of the semantic web, in particular ontologies and their usage are often a great benefit for projects to better define entities or facilitate a semantic search.

Cooperation with other research groups, e.g. form the biology ensures that the projects have fulfill an important need of the scientific community and stimulate through the interdisciplinary work.


Current projects

MTB-Reporting (starting 1. 2. 2020)

In this project we aim to develop a tool that suggest therapies for tumor patients based on their biomarkers. For more details please see the project page.


iBeetle-Base is a joined project together with the Dept. of Evolutionary Developmental Genetics. Initially this database provides access to the phenotypic annotations gathered by a whole genome RNAi screen in the red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum. Currently iBeetle-Base is funded by the DFG in the project titled "iBeetle-Base: Building an Interconnected, Interactive and Extendable Repository for Phenotypic Data". More ...


In the MyPathSem project we aim, in a collaboration with other institutes of the UMG, to extract the patient specific parts of the molecular networks. For more information please check the project site.


Members of the group

Currently the following people work together to achieve our aims:

If you like to join the team to work on an interesting project, please contact Jürgen for details.


Former members of the group (since September 2019)