On these pages we provide links to databases and analysis tools resulting from our own research and development projects. In addition, a number of important external tools which fit to our research focus are mirrored.

(Please note that some of the services are offered exclusively to members of Göttingen University.)

CYTOMER is a relational database on organs/tissues, cell types, physiological systems and developmental stages, presently focussing on the human system. From this database, an ontology for anatomical, morphological structures for the human organism, including all embryonal stages, and the cell types constituting these structures is derived. more

EndoNet is a new database about the components of endocrine networks and their relations. It focuses on the endocrine cell-to-cell signaling and visualizes human intercellular regulatory pathways. more

The oba service provides access to ontologies and offers functions working with the knowledge derived from the ontologies. more

OntoScope is a new graphical ontology viewer. more

This project is dedicated to continuous updating of a previous classification of eukaryotic TFs according to their DNA-binding domains. So far, the latest version comprises mammalian orthologs of human TFs. more

TF Spiker is a new method to exploit the distributions of individual TFBSs in the promoter regions of co-expressed genes in order to identify functionally important TFs more